How to Select the Most Reliable Subscription Management Software For Your Business

Subscription management software is also referred to as subscription billing software; it is a program that facilitates the automatic collection and management of payments in subscription model businesses. These software applications are exceedingly useful in making the management of payment collection convenient, efficient and reliable. The most effective subscription billing software stores and processes all data associated with the recurrent collection of payments and have the additional email functionality to enable you to market your business even further.

Some of the models you might encounter while you select subscription management software for your business include:

  • Fixed recurrent: this type sells each product at a cost that you predetermine at the beginning of the billing cycle. This is a more popular model as you are assured of a constant, reliable revenue stream at the end of every month or financial year.
  • Seat-based model: This model is used to charge clients for the licenses they need to access various cloud-based services such as the public cloud, and is quite popular in B2B.
  • One-time charge model: This model is used by a business as an incentive to first-time clients to give their services a shot before they commit to a subscription.
  • Usage-based model: This model charges clients as per their level of usage of your services.

These models will enable you to select a service that is flexible enough for the kind of subscription that you offer your clients.

Features offered by subscription billing services:

  • Pricing plans management
  • Email automation
  • Customer management
  • Invoicing
  • Analytics, insights, and professional report generation
  • Discounts, promotions and loyalty programs management
  • Third party integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Recurrent billing automation

Key performance indicators of subscription management software

These are the factors to consider and evaluate while determining the software that best works for your business:

  • Subscription models: the models offered by the software should suit your business and clients for flexibility, scalability and ability to retain control over the billing process.
  • The setting of prices: the software you use should make it easy for you to set prices that

reflect the value of your products to your clients.

  • The billing cycle: the subscription management software should provide a cycle that is manageable for clients to boost customer and revenue retention, and profitable for your business.

Benefits of using subscription management software:

Professional report generation

Unlike the traditional method where you would have to pore through your accounts for days to determine critical trends for making important business decisions, subscription management software will readily provide you with daily reports of new subscribers, revenue collected, and other essential metrics.


These software applications make it possible for you to quickly set up and provide promotions, discounts, limited time trials, and other incentives for your potential and repeat clients.


Recurrent billing software offers a bundle of services that make management and collection of subscription payments plus sales inexpensive.


Subscription management software solutions are trending with businesses that opt for the subscription model for the convenience they bring to the management function. The information above will guide you in choosing a solution that best fits your business.

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